Leeds partnership is now Alcohol Impact accredited!

Thursday 03-08-2017 - 13:03

We're thrilled to announce that the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union (LUU) are Alcohol Impact accredited!


The partnership has worked to unpack alcohol-related behaviours, holding group discussions between university and union staff, and students. Through this dialogue, they've been able to gain a deeper understanding of the issues at stake - and optimise their efforts to tackle them.

One aspect of their work involved the Wonder Water campaign, which promotes drinking water and soft drinks during nights out. For their Alcohol Impact accreditation, the partnership has ensured that the Wonder Water campaign reaches as many students as possible. Water is stationed across campus, and a comprehensive campaign website gives details about: the campaign and how to get involved; drug and alcohol services available to students in Leeds (including student support services on campus); safer transport schemes; and safe spaces across the city. The website also includes information about Street Angels, volunteers who are present on the streets at night to increase wellbeing and safety for students on nights out.

Congratulations to all involved in helping to make this Alcohol Impact accreditation a success!

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