How it works

Participating institutions and students' unions are supported by NUS to work through a framework of criteria ranging from shaping students' union policy, to working in partnership with local community groups and residents. 


  • Our online toolkit provides resources and highlights areas of good practice.
  • Each institution undertakes a number of more ambitious interventions, such as the creation of alcohol-free spaces across campus, developing creative alcohol-free events, delivering Alcohol IBA, working with sports team and the local community. 
  • Partnerships take 1-3 years to complete the programme, when they are ready an external audit of the institution and students' union takes place to assesses their performance in Alcohol Impact. 
  • NUS trains student auditors to conduct the audit, which takes place over a two day period and includes a documentary review of evidence, in-depth interviews with staff, officers, external stakeholders and student focus groups. 
  • If criteria have been completed to a satisfactory level, the institution is awarded with our accreditation mark.