Bucks New Uni & Bucks SU gain Alcohol Impact accreditation

Tuesday 30-05-2017 - 14:12

We’re pleased to announce that Buckinghamshire New University and Bucks Students' Union have gained Alcohol Impact Accreditation.


The university and union have done a really impressive amount of work to get to this point. Here are some of their successes...

'Welcome week' now includes a more visible range of activities which are low or no alcohol. For instance, pop-up cinemas, silent discos, pizza parties, comedy nights and lunchtime music sessions. Students are trained as fresher helpers to ensure the ethos of Alcohol Impact is understood across campus.

silent disco bucks

To raise awareness, they've designed and spread posters and flyers explaining the dangers of excessive drinking on health and safety. They've also taken the campaign multimedia, and students made videos about the risks of binge drinking. This has formed part of students’ academic coursework.

Importantly, Bucks New Uni and Students’ Union has put the voices of those students who don't drink front and centre. They sent out a call for non-drinkers to share their preferences and experiences, to inform planning, and made sure the students' union's newspaper told their stories.

Congratulations to all involved for their great work to promote student wellbeing!

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