5 ideas for alcohol free events

Thursday 29-09-2016 - 10:36

Want to take action on binge drinking on your campus this year? We’ve got some ideas.

There’s an old stereotype that students only go to university to get drunk. But more and more students are drinking less and less, and many don’t drink at all.

Look at your upcoming union events. Are they all fuelled by booze? Do you think that’s welcoming for everyone? Here’s five ideas to make your Welcome Week a safer, more inclusive space for all your students.

1. Pancake Parties: If you’re going out drinking, it’s a good idea to have food first, rather than just pre-drinks at the flat. Put on a pancake party at your halls. It’s a great social space, and makes the night a bit safer for anyone having a few drinks later.

2. Guided Walks: It’s lovely to explore a new place properly, so make sure you’re showing off the best of your city to your freshers. Host a guided walk to show students the landmarks of your city by night, or escape to some nearby wilderness.

3. Early Morning Rave: There’s no better way of preparing for day of lectures than an early-morning alcohol free rave. As the sun comes up, your union’s club space is just sat there. Open it up for some glitter, dancing and smoothies.

4. What Are You Offering?: Think about what choices your union bar is encouraging students to make. Are you offering buy one get one free drinks, but charging a tenner for a meal? Put on some deals where it’s easy to get a soft drink and a bit of food too.

5. Late Night Yoga: Why not hold a late night yoga class for students looking for a completely alcohol free night out? With a bit of UV and some music, it’s a great alternative to your union’s usual club night.

If you want to encourage more responsible drinking this year, we can help. Get in touch to find out more.

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